Oilfield operation need various electrical equipment like control panels, electrical motors and so on. All these electrical equipment performing well make sure the entire project job done well. But the most import is a safe working environment on the oilfield as there is the risk of explosion any time during oilfield operaton.

oilfield cuttings dryer

Oilfield Cuttings Dryer

As per the define of the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission), the explosion working environment is classified as gas explosive and dust explosive. When we talking about the explosion proof standard electrical equipment, we are talking about the equipment used in the various gas explosive working environment. And then according to the existence time of the gas explosive, the working environment is classified to 3 zones as below:
1. Zone 0 – Under normal operation condition, the gas explosive exists continuously. Always more than 1000 hours per year.
2. Zone 1 – Under normal operation condition, the gas explosive exists sometimes. More than 10 hours buy less than 1000 hours per year.
3. Zone 2 – Only under abnormal operation condition, the gas explosive exists. Always less than 10 hours per year.

The Zone 0 always represents some airtight space such the gas storage tank. On the oilfield, the Zone 1 represents the area around the drilling rig. And the area which includes the space for mud recycling system, mud pump, water tanks and other drilling field equipment. As per the minimum ignition power required, the gas explosive are classified as 4 degrades separately Ⅰ,ⅡA, ⅡB, ⅡC. This classification can also be treated as the equipment group. The equipment used in group Ⅰ is for mining industry. Group Ⅱ is for other industry working environment. The equipment used in group ⅡC can also be used in ⅡA, ⅡB which means the equipment in Group ⅡC has a higher explosion proof level.
GN could provide the solids control equipment with motor and control panel explosion proof certified. The explosion proof level is ExdⅡBT4 which could meet the demand of gas explosive Zone 2.