Last week, GN Solids Control got an inquire from a client regarding oil sludge treatment system. The client said they are a company specializing in the industrial cleaning works. They are intend to treat the sludge in oil comes from below field:

1) Waste tank bottom sludge, oily sewage generated by the crude oil tank;
2) sludge, oil sands or soil from oil pit of the refinery plant;
3) Waste oil-based drilling fluid or oil base cuttings produced by oil and gas drilling, etc.;

As part of the development of the client activity, and also they hearted about GN Solids Control before, they are interested in the acquisition of GN Solids Control Oil sludge treatment solution, for that they ask GN Solids Control to give them a suitable solution for (01) unit of sludge oil treatment plant . They want the oil sludge treatment system with capacity of 2 m3/h to 5 m3/h.

GN Solids Control confirmed with the client that, the material mentioned is their list is all inside GN Solids Control scope. Based on their requirement on handling capacity, GN Solids Control recommends the oil sludge treatment system model GNOST-05A, which can suit for the client’s capacity.

Major separation equipment in the oil sludge treatment unit is high G drying shaker, 2-phase decanter centrifuge, 3-phase disc centrifuge, dewatering unit, screw pumps slurry pump, mud agitators, etc.. .

The technology GN Solids Control is using is heating and chemical washing. The processing equipment in the system is GN core products which are sold well and performance good for many years.

GN Solids Control has many oil sludge treatment system running in China and outside China. GN Solids Control has projects reference in China, Canada, USA, Qatar, Kuwait, Kazakhstan, Indian, Indonesia, Korea, Poland, UAE, etc…
If you have any questions about sludge oil treatment, you want to get solution on sludge oil treatment, welcome you contact GN Solids Control.