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Oily sludge refers to a mixture of oil, water, and solids. In order to treat the sludge and recover the oil and water, it is necessary to separate the oil, water and solids. Meanwhile, how to lower cost disposal of solid and recovered oil as much as possible is very important, mud solids control professional to crown centrifuge design, and the oil-water separator to the thermal desorption system is specifically designed for processing oil sands sludge of.

Oily sludge from the source to the sub-words are: 1, crude oil tank cleaning waste sludge produced oil sands, 2, oil sands refinery waste sludge, 3, drilling sludge waste oil sands.


For the different sources of oily sludge, each customer’s treatment is going to be different, GN solid control will configure reasonable treatment equipment according to the specific requirements.


The core processing equipment mainly includes:


1, shale shaker for separating coarse solid particles, and design patents, the excitation strength of up to 8.0 g, and an optional anti-splash Branch sealing system, a thermal spray cleaning system that can effectively remove large particulate material The surface is oily.


Drilling fluid shaker

2, fine solid particles and centrifuge for the separation of oil and water, use of patented technology and top materials and technology, international brands imported bearings and components, improve the stability of the equipment, extend the service life.


  1. The oil-water separator used to separate the two liquid phases can be equipped with various oil-water separation devices, such as ultrasonic and air floatation, to meet the processing requirements of various customers.


4, thermal desorption system, the oil content can be reduced to 0.3% solids, learn from foreign advanced technology, combined with the actual situation of the domestic market, through research and development team of innovative, environmentally friendly design, no secondary pollution, energy consumption Low, safe and reliable.

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