About microtunneling

Microtunnelling is a nature method of construction using pipe jacking. In many countries and areas, it also defined as a “Trenchless Construction Method”.

Slurry separation system for microtunneling

Microtunnelling project usually takes in urban district. In this case mud system matched for microtunneling request compact and a very small footprint recirculation slurry system with different capacity. This kind of mud system usually called as “slurry separation system”.

TBM Slurry Separation System In Oman

Features of slurry separation system

1) Steel Frame Screen with large open microns usually used.

As the solids usually bigger than oil and gas drilling, solids content higher and many bigger size sands / solids. And it is big diameter well with smaller depth, no higher request for mud quality. It is no need to separate very fine. And steel frame have a longer lifetime for microtunneling.

2) Compact system with smaller footprint: all separation equipment combined together, a storage tank and a mixing tank.

Usually, GN only offer separation plant and equipment for mixing part. And recommend users to build storage / mixing tank locally to save cost.

3) Big size hydro cyclones for large capacity. And it is not easy to be blocked.



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