This post GN Solids Control will share with your our configuration of 1000 GPM to 1500GPM mud cleaning system for HDD(Horizontal Directional Drilling).

Main Benefits of the mud cleaning system:

  • Cost effective method of re-cycling drilling muds.
  • Reduces cost of supplying fresh mud.
  • Avoids cost of disposing of liquid waste.
  • Cut point of 7 micron removes particles which damage triplex pumps, whilst leaving the useful bentonite particles in suspension for re-use.
  • The discharge from the cleaner is virtually dry, dramatically reducing disposal costs.

    1500GPM Mud Cleaning System

    1500GPM Mud Cleaning System

  • Reliable and durable design, based on 20 years of field experience Engineer
  • High speed continuous mixing facility incorporated.

Detailed process features:


A) Cleaning Tank is divided into 3 compartment,1# Shaker compartment,2# De-sander compartment,3# De-silter compartment.

B) Mixing Tank is divided into 3 compartment,4# Intermediate compartment ,5# Centrifuge compartment,6# Mixing compartment.

1)Flexible feeding of mud from mud pit to Shale Shaker.

Two 100YZ160-38B submersible slurry pump feed slurry from mud pit to 3 each Shale Shaker at capacity of 1450GPM .Slurry pump is made from Cr26 Abrasion resistant Alloy which allow users to pump high solids content fluids. Each slurry pump connected with fluids divider of Shale shaker separately by 4 inch hoses with quick connectors. Slurry pumps are controlled separately in control panel in cleaning tank & and drillers shack. The flow capacity can be controlled by valve separately.

2)Pre-screening of the returned mud using 3 Ea BEM Shale Shaker.

This can handle a throughput of up to 1500 USgpm and is designed to remove particles down to 250 microns(60mesh).3 Ea Shale Shaker with big treating capacity which allows user to use big mesh size, and decrease the solids content and reduce solids load for Mud cleaner.BEM shaker maximize drilling fluids recovery. This is the first phase solids control.

3)Secondary and third cleaning of the returned mud using a GNPJ70-3 (10″x3 + 4″ x 18) Mud Cleaner.

1# Centrifugal pump feed mud from 1# Shaker compartment to feed 10″x3 de-sander cones, where the particles larger then 50 microns are separated out by centrifugal force from desander cone nipple, and get down to GNPS70-3 mud cleaner bottom shaker with a finer screen, which again produces a virtually dry product. Major fluids with particle size less then 50microns goes to 2# De-sander compartment. This is the 2nd phase solids control.

2# Centrifugal pump suck mud from 2# desander compartment and feed to 4″x18 desilter cones. where the particles larger then 20 microns are separated out by centrifugal force from desilter cone nipple,and get down to GNPS70-3 mud cleaner bottom shaker with a finer screen, which again produces a virtually dry product. Major fluids with particle size less then 20 microns goes to 3# De-silter compartment. This is the 3rd phase solids control.

4)Fourth cleaning of the returned mud using a LWF450x1000N Decanter Centrifuge.

Centrifuge feeding pump: 50YZ50-12 suck mud from 4# Intermediate compartment,and feed to LWF450x1000N centrifuge, which allows users to separate mud down to 5-7microns.Clean mud get into 5# Centrifuge compartment.This is the fourth phase solids control.

5)Integral mixing system using Jet Mud mixer.

This system allows fresh mud to be prepared very rapidly from bentonite powder. One of the 2 pumps on mixing tank is dedicated to this function allowing continuous mixing or recirculation as required. The mixing pump can mix mud in both 5# centrifuge compartment and 6# mixing compartment.

6)Integral charge pump to supply clean mud back to the drilling rig.

One of the 2 pumps on mixing tank can be controlled by a valve to provide a continuous supply of clean mud from both 5# centrifuge compartment and 6# mixing compartment under pressure to the high pressure mud pump, avoiding problems of starvation and cavitations which can rapidly cause damage.

7)Required Generator

The Power requirements as below:
1)Total power for two slurry pump for feeding shaker:75Kva.
2)Total power for 1# Recycling tank package:240Kva
3)Total power for 2# Mixing tank package:270Kva.

Option A:

One for 1)+2)=315Kva/0.9=350kva Suitable Generator:350Kva.
One for 3)=270Kva/0.9=300kva Suitable Generator:350Kva.

Option B:

One for 1)+2)=315Kva/0.8=393kva Suitable Generator:400Kva.
One for 3)=270Kva/0.8=337kva Suitable Generator:400Kva.

Required Generator between:350~400Kva.

Remarks from GN Solids Control as required by Clients

1)     Normal Treating capacity up to 1400GPM.

2)     4 Phase Solids Control with Shale Shaker, Desander, Desilter, Centrifuge

3)     Fluids divider included with two 4inch inlet, and three 10inch outlet for feeding shaker. Each shaker with separated control by valve and inlet and outlet with quick connectors.

4)     Shakers, mud cleaner ,agitator, centrifuges has dual control. One at general control panel, another beside the equipment itself.

Cleaning Tank general control panel at tank side. Mixing tank General control panel fixed on tank top.

5)     Recycling and mixing both available.

6)     Flexibility and convenenience: If possible for any pipeline which need to remove for travel use quick connectors. If possible use as much as possible valve for control equipment.

7)     Manhole in every compartment is available except Shaker Tank.For Shaker Tank,need to remove one shaker for tank cleaning.

8)     Handrails at hopper side is linked by chain, can be open. Frame over the agitator which locked by bolts to support one unit of pallet.( 1200mmx1200mmx1000kg).

9)     Mud pump charging pump is included.

10)1# Mud Recycling Tank Capacity:5500 Gallons, Mixing Tank Capacity:3500Gallons.

11)Cones of mud cleaner is fast removable for travel.Mud Cleaner and feeding pumps are connecting by quick connectors.

12)Traveling Dimension:

A)1# Recycling Tank within:11.8Lx2.45Wx3.0H(Folded & only removing pipelines and cones of mud cleaner)

1# Recycling Tank weight within 22tons(Folded & only removing pipelines and cones of mud cleaner)

B)2# Mixing Tank within:8.5Lx2.45Wx3.0H(Folded & without removing centrifuge)

2# Mixing Tank weight within 13tons (Folded & without removing centrifuge)

13)For sea ship transport: Three 40feet Container.+One 20feet container for spare parts.


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