May 19

Horizontally oriented traversing technology is particularly advantageous for rivers and lakes, railway tunnels, and large-scale immovable buildings in the process of construction of urban cable and oil and gas pipelines. The hole diameter of the construction is basically to lay pipes. 1.2-1.5 times, there must also be mud in this process to ensure the strong reliability of the pipe wall. 1. The principles of horizontal directional cross-slurry solids purification and several commonly used methods.

compact mud system

Mud cleaning solid control is the abbreviation for controlling the solid content in mud. Solids control technology removes unused sand and other solids from the mud and retains the particles used in the mud. In order to meet the needs of mud characteristics during the crossing process. The harmful substances in it will affect the specific gravity of the mud, lubrication performance, and reduce the effect of fastening the wellbore wall.


Solid-liquid separation of mud is a matter of observing the Stokes law, that is, the mathematical theory of the natural sedimentation of solid small particles in liquids:




Where V – particle sedimentation velocity, cm / s; d – particle diameter, g / cm3

G——gravitational acceleration, 981cm/s2; η——viscosity, cP

ρS – particle density, g/cm3; ρ – liquid density, g/cm3


This law is a digital, scientific and scientific explanation of the principle and timing of solid particles, natural sedimentation, vibrating screens, cyclones, and centrifuges.


At present, both at home and abroad, through this law, constantly following new equipment, innovating products, and having the most primitive natural sedimentation, vibrating screens and vibrating screens have been generated, the acceleration of gravity has been simply increased, and then the hydrocyclone has been invented. The principle of the vortex is a high-density sinking and light floatation to achieve solid-liquid separation. Finally, a decanter settlement centrifuge was invented. The artificially accelerated rotation of the mud increased the acceleration of gravity by a few hundred times, and the customer serviced the natural gravity. The mud is forcibly layered in the centrifuge and then separated.

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