Mobile system also called trailer mounted mud system. It is a kind of fast move system with tyres underneath.

Fast movement mobile system is widely chose for small mud systems, like water well drilling. In this case, the rig operators no need to source crane machine once the system need to be moved to other move mobile system

From China to Australia, to Africa, to Middle, GN has configured our Mobile Fast Move Mud Systems to fit the needs of customers World Wide. With Easy Rig Up and Rig Down, Mud Mixing Capabilities, Degassing, Solids Control Equipment, Small Foot Print and Reduced Transportation cost, these systems are growing rapidly in popularity.

Regarding mobile system for water well drilling, it is usually small system, with a small capacity tank on the trailer top, a small capacity shale shaker (GNZS752), and a smalle size mud cleaner with only desilter cone (GNZJ752-4N) and finally a compact mixing system:GNSL100-25M.

Being able to rig down, move and rig up in the shortest possible timeframe add’s greatly to increasing your bottom line and meeting client expectations. GN Solids Control has designed a range of mobile mud system that don’t require cranes to rig down or assemble to help you achieve your rig moving goals. The integrated mobile systems also reduce your HSE exposure as they do not require any crane lifts. So whether you need a fully mobile mud system or need to add additional storage to an existing rig, contact GN immediately to discuss how mobilizing your drilling fluid equipment can give your rigs the competitive edge.