Do you know there comes up a new player for Drilling mud cleaning system in Australia,not from American,but from “China”.

GN Solids Control win Australia Clients mud treatment equipment Orders by:
* Good Quality
* Customized Solutions
* Fast & Reliable Services
* Competitive Price
GN has broken into Australia Market,more then 5 clients in this year has ordered from GN,2 clients has ordered complete 500GPM

Drilling Mud Treatment System

Drilling Mud Treatment System

mud treatment system from us after their visit.
We also have more potential client are going to order mud cleaning sytem soon.Why you wait?

Pictures show GN200 GPM mud treatment system FYI.If there is anything I can help for the mud recycling equipments,pls feel free to let me know.

Below is an inquiry for mud treatment equipment from Australia client:
Below is an e-mail I sent to a supplier in Australia but after checking you web site and the equipment is required in Mongolia it may be more economical to deal with a supplier in China.

Project – 18 x 400m x 444m water production wells.
Mud Pumping Rate – App 800 Gal/ min

Required –Drilling Mud treatment/mixing system/ with some type on insulation
The attached give you a bit of an idea of what we are running now, the system was set up for 9 7/8 in holes and just won’t handle the volume required for 17.

Container is insulated and we use the heat from the engine / generator to keep the  container warm, we don’t run any additional heating as long as we can keep the temp above -5 deg C all Ok.

Pumps are all set up in insulated containers and the heat from the engine is enough.

My initial thoughts would be a something similar to what we have now but set up in a 40ft container in place of a 20ft container. The tank with the shale shaker on top would be a total height of app 2.4m so we could transport with out dismantling and place a cut down 40 ft container with no bottom on top to enclose the unit similar to what we do with the 20ft set up. The tank would be app 3 /4 of the internal length of the container so the crew could open the doors at the end to store mud ready for mixing. The top section (we can manufacture) would have internal light fitted.


GN Solids Control

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