Recently GN shipped 6 sets of decanter centrifuges and 3 sets of vertical cuttings dryer packages for Africa drilling companies. This is a repeat order for this client who ever bought 4 sets of decanter centrifuges in Feb., 2014 and get good performance in their rig site, so they repeat order 1 year later. Together with these drilling waste management equipments, the client also bought a complete liquid mud plant with 7 mud tanks.

GN solids control sold over 200 units of decanter centrifuge in 2014 for drilling application and drilling waste management both in the liquid mud plant and rig site. The most important reason for the repeat orders from our clients are:

1 competitive price

2 good performance in the jobsite: most of our clients sent us PO after they checked our other client’s rig site. Good perfromance and liable quality is the most important point for them to make a decision.

3 Longer service life material: GN unique designed decanter centrifuge can last longer during operation, because we use better material, for example, the protection of the screw is tungsten carbide tiles, not the traditional way-only spread welding the tungsten alloy on the surface. The SKF bearing can ensure the reliable quality.

4 Fast after sales service: We will provide immediate after-sales service for any trouble shooting. And our professional enginners will fly to your jobsite for first time installation and commissioning.

The vertical cuttings dryer is installed on the special designed frame with flushing pump installed on the skid. You can adjust the height for operation and trasportation.

The decanter centrifuge can be installed on the mud tank or liquid mud plant, it can also be installed on the frame when it is used for drilling waste management application. GN solids control provide customized design for suce frame, and we have our standard frame for option.

We will show the vertical cuttings dryer and decanter centrifuge package in CIPPE 2015 oil show in Beijing and OTC 2015 oil show in Houston, welcome to visit our stand.

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