July 25 2011

GN Solids Control is shipping 4 VFD Decanting Centrifuges and 4 Shale Shakers to a USA based drilling waste management company.Now GN Solids Control keeps expanding to developed countries like USA,European because of the technology and quality improvement made by GN team in the passed period.The reliable quality was proved by the GN users feedback from all around the world.

USA Decanting Centrifuge

Get discounted Mud System with centrifuge and shakers for sale from GN

With the expansion of GN equipments in USA,now to break the market,GN Solids Control have booked a Booth with 108㎡ in Texas,USA 2012 OTC(Offshore Technology Conference).We will bring a complete Drilling mud system for show for the exhibition,this system will be consisted with Mud Tanks,Shale Shaker,Mud Cleaner,Decanting centrifuge,Centrifugal pumps,Mud Agitators.If customer buy equipments or complete system now from GN Solids Control,we can give you discounted price for sale,and after the Show in may,we can ship it to you directly.This mud system can be customized as required by your applications.

Decanting Centrifuge Bowl

USA Decanting Centrifuge Bowl

GNZS703 Shale Shaker

GNZS Shale Shaker USA

VFD for GLW-V355x1250N Decanting Centrifuge

VFD for Decanting Centrifuge USA

The VFD(Variable Frequency Driven Decanting Centrifuge Control panel is made from SIEMENS eletrical components,which gives our users reliable performances.