June 13 2010

Good news! Trenchless drilling mud recycler unit in Korea ran very well”, said our engineer.

This trenchless drilling mud recycler unit also called HDD or No dig mud circulation system. The trenchless mud system was designed for Korean customer especially. The system including shale shaker, mud cleaner, jet mud mixer, sand pump.
solids control system componets

After our engineer arriving HDD jot site, they firstly did some preparation on pipelines and electricity line for the trenchless drilling mud recycler unit commissioning.

korean solids control equipments
Total commissioning took about 3 days. The total trenchless mud recycling system installation, test and inspect.

During the commissioning process, engineer mainly observed shale shaker, and the coordination among each solids control equipments also the total intermateability on the whole mud recycler unit.

korean sery of solids control
After finished commissioning, client’s engineer expressed appreciation on our professional and patient service. They said they were pleased to enjoy the circumspect service on the whole trenchless mud recycler unit. But we know we need to do more and more to satisfy customers’ higher and higher requirements

korean custumer and gn solids control engineer
Trenchless, or HDD, or No dig, nowadays is well-regarded by more and more countries, such as Korea, Indonesia, Singapore, China, etc. We trust GN can do better and better on the emerging trenchless mud recycling. Of course as well as other solids control industries.