October 24 2014

GN Solids Control recently designed a new system for a Singapore client; it is a combination of solids control equipment  and dosing & flocculants unit with decanter centrifuge for dewatering.This combined solids separation system can be used in waste slurry treatment of TBM (Tunnel Boring Machine) Slurry separation, as well as the drilling waste management for oil gas drilling.

solids control unit

Part 1 : Solids Control Equipment

On the mud tank, there is a double deck shale shaker ,modle GNZS705E-HB shale shaker, the upper shaker deck is mounted with 2mm opening screen for coarse solids separation. The bottom shaker deck is mounted with API 20 shaker screen. The desander feeding pump will take the fluid from the first compartment of the tank and feed to the 3x10 inch desander cones for separation of solids upper 45 microns, the solids discharge from the desander cones will be dry by the down stream shale shaker with screen mesh API 200 . The desander and shaker combination unit is GNZJ703E-2S model. The total solids control system capacity is over 300 m³/h.


Dosing System

Part 2: Dosing & flocculants unit with dewatering centrifuge

This dosing & flocculants unit is a double chamber system. It is controlled by PLC to make it operate automatically to mix the polymers with a set concentration. The unique double chamber design makes it available to use one chamber for feeding to centrifuge, and the other for preparing flocculants. The decanter centrifuge pump takes the slurry and feed to the decanter centrifuge, before feeding to the bowl of the centrifuge, a stream of flocculants will be feed to the feeding tube as shown in the process diagram. This makes the centrifuge to separate the fine solids in the slurry, and gives clean water and drying solids. All the flocculants pump, centrifuge slurry feeding pump, bowl speed and differential speed are variable speed. And all of them are controlled by PLC to allow users to set any capacity or speed as needed. And client can use the automatic operation mode to run the system at the set parameters.

Dewatering Unit Process

As a leading Brand for solids control, GN Solids Control keeps developing new products for liquid and solids separation. GN Solids Control solution is the turnkey solution for client.At this moment, GN is developing a new vacuum degasser for the drilling rigs.

Dewatering Centrifuge

Every year, GN Solids Control makes over 200 decanter centrifuges, and 80% of GN decanter centrifuge is for overseas market, GN decanter centrifuge mainly used in the drilling mud and waste management treatment industr