April 09 2010

GN240 Slurry separation system is a customized hydromining slurry separation system for our Turkey clients.It includes:FG-18 Transition Slurry Tank,FG-10 Mixing Slurry Tank,FG-45 Circulation Slurry tank ,ZS4×1.5 Shale Shaker ,ZQJ250×2 Desander,ZQJ100×12 Desilter,And related Slurry pumps,agitators,accessories for the tanks.

GN Provides customize Slurry separation plant for separating your mining material into different paticle size range material,or recycling water for you.

  FG-45 Circulation Slurry tank
 Mining slurry separation system
 FG-18 Transition Slurry Tank FG-10 Mixing Slurry Tank
 Transition slurry tank Mixing Slurry Tank
 ZS4×1.5 Shale Shaker ZQJ250×2 Desander
 Mining Shale Shaker Mining desander
  ZQJ100×12 Desilter
 Mining slurry pump
 Mining slurry desilter Mining slurry pump

The Turkey company  continue investing on Mica, Feldspar and Heavy Minerals production from their major and significant sources,Their material is made of sand, silt and clay.Their quarry production is based on HYDROMINING Method, by which the material is transferred into the plant in muddy condition by means of pumps.

About the performance of the ming slurry separation system(as in the Drawing) Download Drawing File

GN solids control catalogGN240 Mining Slurry Separation System

1,Use Two 100YZ160-38 Slurry Pump suck mud from the quarry to FG-18 Transition Tank.

2,Then use one GMZ100-40-240 Slurry Pump transport slurry to FG-10 Mixing Tank.

3,As the FG-10 Mixing Tank is higher then FG-45 Circulation tank,the slurry goes from FG-10 Mixing Tank to the ZS4×1.5 Shale Shaker on the FG-45 Circulation tank.By the treatment of shale shaker,particles larger than 0.7mm are separated out,and other slurry with particle finer then 0.7mm drops to first compartment of the FG-45 Circulation tank.

4,A GMZ100-40-240 Slurry Pump suck mud from the first compartment to feed ZQJ250×2 Desander,as the underflow shaker of desander with screens(100mesh),so the particles larger then 100mesh are separated out.Particle finer then 100mesh drops to the second compartment of the FG-45 Circulation tank.

5,A GMZ100-40-240 Slurry Pump suck mud from the second compartment to feed ZQJ100×12 Desilter,as the underflow shaker of desilter with screens(600mesh),so  the  particles larger then 600mesh are separated out.Particle finer then 600mesh drops to the third compartment of the FG-45 Circulation tank.

After the treatment of our slurry separation system,the slurry with different size particles are transported by pumps to other Mineral Processing equipments.