November 15 2010

This week we shipped 2 sets of GNZS83-3 shale shaker, ZQJ250S desander & ZQJ100S desilter complete with one year spare parts. This is their repeat order this month.
Shale Shaker Desander Desilter to Indonesia
GNZS83-3 shale shaker is one of the best sold shale shaker in GN products. It can get better treating effect to use pyramid screens, you can use soft hook shaker screen and plat panel shaker screen as well.
GNZS 83-3 shale shaker to Indonesia
ZQJ250S & ZQJ100S are best sold desander and desilter models, too. Clients choose different desander cone and desilter cone numbers. For this client, we choose 2pc 10 inch PU desander cone for desander, and 16pcs 4 inch PU desilter cone, both of them use GNTJ60 shaker with 1.0m2 screen area and small skid. It is better to choose a large shaker such as GNZS63-3(2.4m2 screen area) so you can minimize the drilling fluids remained in the waste solids.

desilter to Indonesia
ZQJ100S desilter

shaker screen and desander to Indonesia
ZQJ250S desander

GN also supply spare shaker screens with competitive price and high quality.