April 24 2010

Last month we ship some replacement shaker screens for Nov Brandt King Cobra shale shaker to our Canada client. It is a trail order to test the quality and delivery time, after passing the test, they will have constant screen demand for their shaker.
Type: PWP

 brandt shaker screens   king cobra shaker screen

To enter into the developed market such as Canada, we strive to improve our technology and service continuously.

Brief introduction of Brandt replacement shale shaker screen,

Specially we make a 15/32 inch installation hole for the end-user to fix it on the shaker, on both of the narrow ends on the backside of the screens exactly centered. The hole only needs to go through the bottom half of the steel frame. And we carve the mesh size number on the steel frame each side as the clients requirement.

 brandt shaker screen  brandt shale shaker screen replacement
The brandt shaker screens can also be used in our patent shale shake.

For more information, pls contact GN solids control.

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