November 19 2010

GN solids control equipments can be used offshore and onshore. About a month ago, a Singpore offshore company ordered a series of equipents for bentonite mixing. Mud gun, mud agitator, jet mud mixer, and centrifugal  pump.

The hopper are setted up to the tank. Since the tank is 10m high, the mud gun and the agitator are specillized design. The electric motor offshore solids control equipments must be marine explosion proof, and we choose the famous brand of China.

offshore mud hopper


offshore agitator mud gun

Drilling mud mixing in solids control system usually use high quality mud agitators, high presuse or low presure mud guns, hydraulic venturi mud hoppers, also centrifugal pump.

offfshore mud agitator

Offshore Mud Agitator

offshore centrifugal pump

Offshore Centrifugal Pump

Solids control system is a important part for offshore drilling, to keep Environmental, Health, and Safety. Solid and liquid waste management Use of high efficiency solids control equipment to reduce the need for fluid change out and minimizing the amount of residual fluid on drilled cuttings.

GN Solids Control is always doing its best to supply High Quality, Healthy, Safety and Environmental as the IFC has called on.