June 05 2010

Recently we shipped some mud tank agitators to both Kuwait and Nigeria.

Both mud tank agitators to Kuwait and Nigeria are used in mixing drilling mud in oilfield and request explosion proof motor at F insulation level and IP54 grade.

mud agitators
mud tank agitators

The agitators to Kuwait were designed for well drilling mud processing in oilfield. They have ordered five sets of desanders and desilters. They felt satisfied with our equipments performance so they reorder the mud tank agitators to solve their urgency on well drilling project.

This Kuwait client ordered six sets of mud tank agitators (JBQ7.5). They request agitators hold 2.2m shaft, and 36”impeller. According to their specific requirements on volts 415V,50Hz. We provided the customized design. Now the mud tank agitators have arrived in Kuwait. They will be operated soon on well drilling site in drilling fluids processing system.

Mud tank agitator to Nigeria is also a customization service. They ordered JBQ7.5 mud agitator. The agitator holds 2.5m shaft but only single 28” impeller. We recommend there should be double impeller since the processing result will be better, however, Nigerian customer insist single impeller. Then we customize it for them.
  mud agitator
Exported Mud agitator to Nigeria is the first business in Nigeria market. We know, this is the bright beginning for us the open the new Nigerian market. There must be large potential opportunity. GN will enjoy the good chance to develop better and better in Nigeria. We trust GN Solids Control will be well known all over the world in the future.

 Mud Agitator of GN Solids Control is popular all over the world

Centifugal pumps and mud agitators to Egypt

2 SB 8×6-13 Centrifugal pumps and 4 JBQ11 mud agitator(11kw) just finish production and inspection in GN factory.The centrifugal pumps and agitators are going to deliver to GN Egypt client.

Storage mud tank agitator to Thailand

Two Storage mud tank agitators have been shipped to Bangkok, Thailand. They use the mud agitator to match their storage tank.

Venturi mixing hopper-oilfield spare parts to Oman

We just sent out venturi mixing hopper and mud agitators as well as mud guns to Great Wall Drilling Company Ltd,they use the oilfield spare parts at their drilling project in Oman.