November 25 2009

2 SB 8×6-13 Centrifugal pumps and 4 JBQ11 mud agitator(11kw) just finish production and inspection in GN factory.The centrifugal pumps and agitators are going to deliver to GN Egypt client.

In drilling mud purification system,the desander and desilter require sand pumps to feed drilling mud for treatment.And the drilling mud in the mud tank need mud agitator to keep both the mud uniformity and the suspension of solids.

Drilling mud centrifugal pumps


centrifugal pump

 Drilling mud agitator


drilling mud agitator
As a Solids Control specialist in  Oil & Gas Drilling , HDD Mud System and Slurry Separation Plant,GN offer customized centrifugal pumps,and mud agitators which is compatible to mud systems.