November 08 2011

Last month we shipped 3 units of mud pits to Indonesia. This is the 6th repeat order from this client, our goods won their trust and approval after the 1st cooperation, later they repeat 6 more orders to GN solids control.
We produce hundreds of mud tanks annually, the design and material can be customized.

GN Mud Pit Shipped by Bulk Ship

3 Unit Mud Tank c/w Mud Hopper and Mixer, it has the following features:

Type: Square type mud tank.
-Skid : SS400  IWF 300 x 150 x 6.5 x 9
-Shell: SS400  PL  8mm thk (Corrugated)
-Cover to frame :Galvanish PL 25mm  thicknes (Corrugated)
-Bottom plate : SS400  PL 12mm  thicknes.
Agitator type explosion proof , TEFC.IP65 complete with Gearbox

The dimension of the mud tank is 6000x2800x2400mm, we ship it by bulk cargo and put it belowdecks, it can avoid corrosion and rust during the shipment. Even though the costing and painting is fully sand blast first, epoxy zinc rich prime, thickness 75 μ, epoxy medium twice, thickness 250 μ, polyurethane finish paint, we still choose the best safe way to transport.