May 05 2010

CNPC (China National Petroleum Corporation) are very satisfied with GN Solids Control customized solutions for the mud gas separator for their 3 drilling rigs project. By competing with so many manufacturers of poor boy degasser and electric gas flare ignition system, CNPC finally choose the solution from GN Solids Control. That’s because they are assured about GN’s reliable quality from our passed projects, and moreover, we give them fast delivery and competitive price.

mud gas separator

  oilfield electric gas flare system    poor boy degasser
CNPC is China's largest oil and gas producer and supplier, as well as one of the world's major oilfield service providers and a globally reputed contractor in engineering construction. With a presence in almost 70 countries.

Mud Gas Separator is commonly called as gas-buster or poor boy degasser. It captures and separate large volume of free gas within the drilling fluid. If there is a "KICK" situation, this vessel separates the mud and the gas by allowing it to flow over baffle plates. And the electric gas flare ignition system is the marching device for igniting the gas discharged from mud gas separator.

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  1. GN oilfield flare ignitor system is also called Electric Ignition Device.The flare ignitor used for igniting gases from mud gas separator

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