June 18 2013

GN Desiged the One Skid Unit for Drilling mud gas separator and Choke  Mainifold for the Egypt Drilling Company.This design allows the drillers to have a small skid for more equipment, and also it saves space for moving from one oil wells to the other.While moving, the drilling mud gas separator can lay down to the skid.

The drilling rig for the customer is a trailer mounted workover rig which used for drilling contract for Shell in Egypt.The customer has already used GN Solids Control other equipments like desander,desilter,shakers.And this time they appoint the drilling rig package contractor to select GN Solids Control Brand.

Drilling Mud Gas Separator

About Mud Gas Seaprator

Mud Gas Separator is commonly called a gas-buster or poor boy degasser. It captures and separates large volume of free gas within the drilling fluid. If there is a "KICK" situation, this vessel separates the mud and the gas by allowing it to flow over baffle plates. The gas then is forced to flow through a line and vent it to a flare. A "KICK" situation happens when the annular hydrostatic pressure in a drilling well temporarily (and usually relatively suddenly) falls below that of the formation, or pore, pressure in a permeable section downhole, and before control of the situation is lost.It is always safe to design the mud/gas separator that will handle the maximum possible gas flow that can occur.

Solids Control Equipment

One side is connected to the Choke Mainifold, and the outlet of the mud is connected to the Shale Shaker or Shaker Tank, and the gas discharged thru a long pipe to connected to the flare ignition device.