August 04 2013

Kazakstan customer's HDD mud recycling system was delivered this weee from GN facility. After seeing GN prodcust in exhibition and visiting our factory for inspection, customer confirmed the deal with GN Solids Control. GN 500GPM HDD mud system is a very standard model available to match HDD rig of different brand.

Compact 500GPM HDD Mud System

This drilling mud system consists:

  • One unit double desk mud cleaner with 500GPM capacity functioned as the prima shaker shaker and de-silter.
  • One unit centrifugal force sand pump feeding to desilter
  • One unit  jet mud mixer for both mixing and mud chemicals adding application
  • One set 20ft container size mud tank package with pipeline and valves hasing sufficient space to store the active drlling mud.

hdd mud cleaner

Advantage of GN 500 GPM mud system

  • Compact design with small foot print20ft container size tank could be fixed trailer for ease transportation
  • Completely functions for mud recycling and mixing 

trailer mounted mud recycling system

 This unit 500GPM HDD mud recycling system is also requested very often to be Hydraulic jackup design for small area jobsite. GN did sent this type Jackup mud system to Australia no-dig industry and India HDD and CBM industry.