June 01 2012

After the inspection by the Egypt customer,the High Speed Decanter Centrifuge is ready for delivery to Egypt.The Egypt customer saw GN equipments operation in Middle east for another drilling waste management company,and they approached GN Solids Control and started the cooperation with GN Solids Control with the High Speed Decanter centrifuge and feeding screw pump.

Egypt Decanter Centrifuge

Originally,the customer rent centrifuges with Brand like Derrick or Swaco,and this clients compared the technical specifications of GNLW363G centrifuge with Derrick DE1000 GBD centrifuge,later on,they know more about GN centrifuge and ordered from us.

Egypt Drilling Waste Management

As the Egypt customer have very huge potential requirements ,they need 20 decanter centrifuges,10 Vertical cutting dryers,10 HI-G dryers for their future projects,their management team come and visited GN factory in both Beijing & Tangshan.After study the products of GN,during their visit they agreed to order the HI-G dryers.

They Egypt customer is a leading drilling waste management company in North Africa,they have operations and warehouses in Egypt,Algeria,Tunis.Now we are in the procedure of talking about distributor agreement for North Africa.