October 14 2010

Yesterday we shipped HDD mud cleaning unit to Korea. This client is Korean HDD contractor, and he has ordered us 3 sets mud cleaning unit totally.

They ever ordered 1 set HDD mud cleaning unit holding 400GPM treating capacity. They felt satisfied with our system. Then after 3 months operation they made repeat order to us. The 2 sets HDD mud cleaning unit are same used for 35 ton rig, and mud pump flows 325LPM.

Main configuration on the HDD mud cleaning unit

hdd mud cleaning system


hdd mud cleaning system to korean

They are similar to ever system. Including shale shaker, desilting equipments, centrifugal pump, mud mixing pump, submersible slurry pump, and the mud tank. Since their mud pump and HDD rig is not large the treating capacity of the mud cleaning unit should not be too big but appropriate.

The detailed technique specifications are as following:
GNZS83-2 Shale shaker, holding treating capacity ≥200GPM
ZQJ100S Desilter (with underflow screen), holding treating capacity≥200GPM
SB4x3-11 Centrifugal pump, holding capacity 264GPM
SLH100-30 Mud mixing pump, it's a small jet mixing system. Holding capacity 264GPM. It is mounted on mud tank skid. Of course, it can be made out separated one according to clients' requirements
80YZ50-20 Submersible slurry pump, holding capacity 260GPM
FG20 Mud tank, we call recycling tank, which is devided into 2 compartment. Holding capacity 12CBM

shale shaker for hdd mud cleaning system mud cleaner for hdd mud cleaning system

Mud processing flow:

1)Recycling tank are divided into 2 compartment(1# Shaker Compartment,2# Cleaning mud compartment)
2)Slurry pump feed mud from mud pit to Shaker with 60 mesh screen, particles larger than 250microns will be removed
3)Desilting pump suck mud from 1# shaker compartment and feed to 4x4" desilter cones remove particles sized over 20 microns
4)Jet mixing system is available for adding chemical or mud mixing in 2# cleaning mud compartment

Other features on the HDD mud cleaning unit

Considering reliable quality for clients, we provided explosion proof control cabinet. The slurry pump is maintenance-free, the wet parts are made of Cr26 abrasion resistant alloy. All of equipments are durable since the qualified materials and famous brand.

The 2 sets HDD mud cleaning system units are also appreciated by many other clients. They are gonna make decision to place orders since the unit is economical, effective, compact and easy-operation.