July 13 2013

After 2013 OTC, GN got order for Decanter Centrifuge from USA Customer. This customer met GN at OTC in Huston, after seeing GN's products there then came to our factory for visit. It was that GN's advanced fabricating equipment and strict production inspection convinced customer giving the order.

gn centrifuge export to usa

This customer is in the business for cuttings waste treatment and environmental protection. They use our centrifuge package as the dewatering unit for beginning stage treatment for cutting waste,they make the waste enviromental friendly by biology technics.

The Involved Equipment List

  • Feeding Screw Pump - 2 Units
  • Mud Agitator - 2 Units

All the equipment are equiped with IEC Ex standard elctric motor and control panel acceptable in USA market.It is GN's vision to get into American market where has many famous brand for solids control. Competition would make GN's products and service much better than ever before. GN always insist providing top quality products to all our customers.