Hebei GN Solids Control this week participated in the CIPPE show in Beijing. It is one of the largest oil and gas show in Asia, every year it has thousands of oil and gas industry visitors came to join this show. Due to the pandemic, there are few foreigners came this time which are easy to understand. On the other side, China domestic marker are in the golden period with China government advocating the inside circle. 

2021.06.01 CIPPE 1

GN Solids Control participated in the CIPPE show at the same booth. It has been many years since GN brought the best solids control equipment and drilling waste management systems to this show. 

2021.06.01 CIPPE 4

During the 3 days CIPPE show, GN Solids Control has thousands of old friends and new friends came to visit us. It is a golden chance to see old friends of GN and also getting to make some new friends. GN Solids Control brought some of the typical solids control and drilling waste management systems to this show. 
1.Vacuum Pump
GN vacuum pump is one of the most effective solids transfer pump. It is especially good at move high solids content slurry. GN Solids Control has 3 different models to suit clients needs in different situation. 

2021.06.01 CIPPE 7
2.ViST Shale Shaker
GN ViST shale shaker is a shaker fixed with a vacuum screen unit, it helps to recover up to 20-30% drilling mud, which is a larger capital saving from the long drilling run. 

2021.06.01 CIPPE 3
3.Oil Sludge Treating Unit
GN oil sludge treating unit has already been provided to many countries, include USA, Canada, Kuwait, Qatar, New Zealand etc. There is not effective treating way in the past to treat drilling oil waste, sludge from oil tank bottom or refinery plant, but with GN Oil Slugde Treating Unit, all problems solved. 

2021.06.01 CIPPE 2
4.Decanter Centrifuge
GN decanter centrifuges have been using in many industries as long as it is solids and liquid separation, except the oil and gas industry, some other industries such as mining industry, HDD mud treating industry, hydrovac excavation industry etc. GN decanter centrifuge helped clients to solve all the problems.

2021.06.11 CIPPE 5

2021.06.01 CIPPE 6