Global Exhibition

October 15 2011

The Australia No-Dig exhibition in Brisbane is the largest show focused on trenchless technology. GN took a 500GPM mud recycling jack up system to the show with a great success back.


GN Features on Australia Show:
1)    GN is the only mud system exhibitor that take a complete system with recycling and mixing parts. It’s really attractive and shock every body there.
2)    GN is the only Chinese mud system manufacturer that take equipment to Australia show with professional sales no gap on conversation and professional team in Australia for service.
3)    GN take the 4th generation shaker (Balanced Elliptical Motion Shaker) to show which we got “National Technology Progress Awards” with 20%-30% larger treating capacity than linear motion shaker
4)    GN 500GPM mud recycling system is a 3 phase cleaning system with shaker, desander and desilter which is much better performance than 2 phase cleaning with shaker and desilter.

Australian Clients talking with GN service people
GN Balanced Elliptical Motion Shaker
GN come back from Australia No-Dig exhibition with great success that to show GN equipment to Australian clients and also to show China equipment as one of the representative. Please contact GN Solids Control freely and you will get the most professional service and solutions from here.