September 27 2012

GN Solids Control bring a 200GPM mud recycling system to Adelaide for Drill 2012 exhibition on Sep 19-21 with great success. Drill 2012 is organized by Australian Drilling Industry Association (ADIA) for drilling machines including drilling rig, mud pump, drilling tools, mud recycling system, etc.

200GPM Mud Recycling System Configaration

GN200GPM mud recycling system including:
1)    1 set GNZS752 Mini shale shaker for 200GPM capacity
2)    1 set GNZS752 desilter installed 4 x 4” desilter cone
3)    1 set 11kw centrifugal pump to feeding desilter cone
4)    1 set 11kw centrifugal pump with mud hopper for mixer
5)    1 set 20ft container size mud tank

GN in Australia Drilling Industry GN Solids Control was a new company sales to Australia 2 years ago, the 2 years experience makes GN knows Australia regulation better to meet their requirement. Australia is rich on Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD), Coal Bed Methan (CBM) drilling, Diamond Drilling, etc. Please contact us for inqury.