June 30 2015

To give better service and total solution for no pit drilling customer, GN Solids Control is developing new products line: solidification unit and thermal desorption unit. Recently, GN successfully launched the first set solidification unit for domestic no pit drilling market. The customer is listed among the world’s top 500 companies in China’s construction machinery industry with drilling waste management / drilling sludge treatment subsidiaries. The purchase order mainly includes two parts.

drilling solidification unit

Part 1: High G dryer with slurry mud tank

1 set mud tank 7500x2100x1185mm with accessories, eg. Walkways, handrails, cables, connections, valves, electrical control box etc
2 sets High G dryer GNZS594HGE-LD with 4 panel shaker screen. The shaker frame is made from carbon steel and the screen mesh is made from stainless steel SS304 or SS316.
1 set submersible slurry pump / cellar pump is mounted on the mud tank, to transfer the clean drilling fluids out to use.

2015.6.30 High G dryer with mud tank

Part 2: Drilling cuttings solidification unit, GNGH-10A model, 1 complete sets including:

1 ea cuttings hopper with 5cbm capacity
1 ea cuttings transfer screw conveyor with 7.5kw motor
1 ea SS304 steel Absorber transfer screw conveyor with 1.1kw motor
1 ea SS304 steel cement transfer screw conveyor with 1.1kw motor
1 ea SS304 Steel solidification mixer with 2 reverse rotation screw impeller insides with 11kw motor
Total dimension is 11512x2200x2493mm, gross weight: 9Tons. This unit can be transportation by 12meter long vehicle for inland transportation and 40feet high cube container for sea freight, better protection and lower cost.

2015.6.30 GN cuttings solidification unit

The customer buy high G dryer unit mostly used for water based mud. For oil based mud & synthetic based mud, we recommend vertical cuttings dryer with high telescopic skid for better performance. The OOC after treated by GN vertical dryer can reach to 3% to 5%. Most of customer will satisfy with this dryness result. The solids discharged from vertical dryer can be transported to cuttings solidification unit for final treatment.