December 08 2014

Nabors Industries is one of the largest oil and gas service companies worldwide. Nabors have about 500 land rigs, 48 offshore rigs and over 500 workover and well servicing rigs working in U.S. and Canada, Gulf of Mexico etc. more than 25 countries and areas. GN Solids Control is leading equipment original manufacturer for solids control & drilling cuttings treatment. We have many equipment working in over 60 countries and areas. We have centrifuge and vertical cuttings dryer working in the jobsite; one customer  give us purchase orders on one batch of 4 Sets drilling cuttings drying equipment recently, and  the project is for servicing Nabors Industries drilling project

Drilling cuttings Drying Equipment

The Project including equipment as below:

  • Four(4) sets variable speed vertical cuttings dryer, GNCD930C-VFD, The dryer can reach 0 to 900rpm via positive pressurized PLC screen control panel. This is one variable frequency panel with one ABB transducer.
  • Four(4) sets variable speed decanter centrifuge, GNLW363BG-VFD.The speed can be variable from 0 to 3200rpm via positive pressurized PLC screen control panel. This is 3 Variable frequency drive ABB transducer including for main motor, back drive motor and pump motor.
  • Twelve(12) sets screw pump for transferring drilling mud and for feeding decanter centrifuge. The screw pump is positive displacement pump with reliable performance and less spare parts. Generally, we only advise on stator and rotor as spare parts.
  • Twelve(12) sets of screw conveyor. The conveyor can be used for feeding vertical cuttings dryer, transferring drilling cuttings discharged from vertical-G dryer, transferring drilling solids discharged from centrifuge.

Video of GN vertical cuttings dryer for Shell project - Oil Based Drilling Cuttings treatment:

Video of GN decanter centrifuge for Argentina project - water based drilling mud treatment:

After GN many years optimization, GN upgrade its vertical dryer from version A to version B and to version C.  Now, the working performance is tested by many big oil service companies, like Shell, Baker Hughes. After that, many customers come to GN Solids Control. For the time being, GN is manufacturing one batch (10 sets) vertical cuttings dryer and all the dryer is already been ordered.  For reader in need of verti-G dryer, pls contact GN Solids Control for next batch equipment.

2014.12.08 Vertical Cuttings Dryer System