February 18 2014

GN Solids America LLC is regitered by Hebei GN Solids Control Co.,Ltd in May, 2013, with location in Oil Center City, Houston, Texas. GN Solids America is the first USA based Solids Control Company from China. It is a big step of  GN Solids Control, and it is also a good example of China " GO OUT" strategy. GN insist on making only top quality products to create a respective Brand in the world for China.

GN Solids America

GN Solids America LLC is located at 6710, Windfern Road, Houston, Texas GN Solids America Warehouse and Office space is over 30,000 SF which ensures GN to keep enough stock of solids control equipment and spare parts to support the market in the USA.GN Solids America LLC main business is to distribute Solids Control and waste management equipment to oil drilling companies, oilfield service companies, oil rig manufacturers. And it is also to support the customers with spare parts and after sales service on time. To serve the market better, GN Solids America is also looking for local partners to jointly working together and to have more branches to cover the main oil fields. Also as a new company here in the USA, GN Solids America welcome the local professionals and engineer to join our company, and experience a challenging but fun job. And you will also have the opportunity to come to our head quarter in China to get training of our products.

america decanter centrifuge

GN Solids America now have the decanter centrifuges,shale shaker, mud cleaner in Houston stock for sale.

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GN Solids Control ( America )

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