September 01 2012

The long motor shale shaker is a customized products GN designed specificlly for one of the World's Largest drilling contractor:Greatwall drilling company.
The long motor is Italy OLI Brand,as believed by the customer,the Long Motor shale shaker works well for their high Viscosity oil based drilling mud.

GN Solids Control has been cooperated with Greatwall drilling company for many projects since 2009.You may check some GN Company news here:

Long Motor Shale Shaker
Greatwall Drilling Company (GWDC), a subsidiary of China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) and an IADC member, is engaged in the worldwide business of petroleum engineering and technical services. Greatwall drilling company owns over 1000 oil drilling rigs.


As a worldwide company, Greatwall drilling company have outstanding professional abilities and rich practical experience in oil-gas field engineering and technical services. Greatwall drilling employ over 30,000 people of different nationalities working in 28 countries, providing services for more than 100 oil companies all over the world. Greatwall drilling have successfully provided services to many international companies such as BP, CHEVRON, ENCANA, PETRONAS, TOTAL, OPI, PDVSA.

Long Motor Drilling Shaker

Specification of the Long Motor Shale Shaker

Shaker Screen Area:2.2㎡ with 3 Panel Screen.
Wedged type screen for fast removing
G force up to 7.5 which is adjustable
Handling capacity is up to 528 GPM,this 3 Shale Shaker is on a same skid for fast removement.

For more info. about the Long Motor Shale Shaker,you can contact GN Solids Control.