May 22 2014

GN Solids Control got big projects from COSL, China Oilfield Service Limited. The Projects include 3 Sets 1000HP Offshore Rig Solids Control Mud System and 1 Set 10000BBL Mud Plant.  The Mud Cleaning and recycling system include 4 phase drilling mud solids control and 5 phase drilling mud solids separation.

1000HP drillling rig mud system

The Configuration Equipment List of 3 Sets 1000HP Offshore Rig Solids Control Mud System

  • Drilling Mud Shale Shaker, GNZS703E-HB, 6 nos; The drilling solids separation point is above 100 microns;
  • Drilling Mud Vacuum Degasser, GNZCQ270A, 3 nos; This equipment can remove the gas cut drilling mud;
  • Drilling Fluid Mud Cleaner, GNZJ703E-2S12N, 3 nos; This is combination of 2nd phase separation with 10'' 2 pcs desander cones and 3rd phase separation with 4'' 12pcs desilter cones; The drilling solids separation points is about 40 to 70 mirons and 15 to 40 microns for desander and desilter separately;
  • Drilling Mud Decanter Centrifuge, GNLW452, 3 nos; This is 4th phase separation to recycle barite, which is valuable and costly chemicals; The drilling solids separation points is about 7 microns to 15 microns;
  • Drilling Fluids Mud Tank, 500BBL = 80 M3, 9 nos; As this is for offshore rig, compact design with enough drilling mud storage volume but with small foot print is much important.

Except for Compact Offshore Drilling Rig mud system, GN Solids Control also can offer compact Horizontal Directional Drilling Mud System. Recently, we got inquiry from Middle East customer, requiring high drilling mud treating capacity but only with one(1) set 20ft container size drilling mud tank. After discussion with top Engineer team, we offer compact solution below with 180m3/h (800gpm) treating capactiy.This compact design can save lots of money for HDD contractor and also save footprint, as well as environmental friendly.

1000hp offshore drilling rig mud system

The Configuration Equipment List  of one(1) 20ft Container size mud tank with 800gpm treating capacity HDD mud system

  • one(1) 20ft container size mud tank
  • one(1) double deck shale shaker, GNZS705E (This shaker with 5pcs shaker screen, top layer 2 pcs, down layer 3 pcs, you may check the pictures attached)
  • one(1) double deck shale shaker with ten (10) pcs desilter cones; GNZY705E-Y10N
  • one(1) centrifugal pump, 45kw, for feeding desilter cone, GNSB6×5A-13J
  • one(1) submersible slurry pump, 30kw, for transferring drilling mud from the mud treating tank to other tank, GN100YZ160A-38B
In onshore drilling rig mud system, offshore drilling fluids solids control system, Horizontal directional drilling mud reycling system, or even the newly rise of shale gas drilling solids control mud system, GN Solids Control  always committed to uptimized solutions with compact design, lower cost, easy maintenance and fast aftersales service as per customer's requirement with different projects conditions.