February 12 2015

GNLW223 decanter centrifuge is one of the most popular small centrifuges for mining drills. The mining drilling company in Canada firstly bought one decanter centrifuge for testing, after that, they bought another 3 centrifuges, later on as they are very satisfied with the quality and performance, they bought another 10 decanter centrifuge.

Mini Decanter Centrifuge

GNLW223 is a high speed small volume decanter centrifuge, the bowl size is 9inch around 220mm, the capacity is around 26GPM, the speed is 3800RPM. So we also call it “Baby Centrifuge” For the mining drilling, the baby centrifuge is to separate the fine solids in the drilling fluids to allow the drillers to reuse the drilling fluids, in a result, drillers can save money on new drilling fluids and also it saves cost for disposal the drilling fluids.

Small Decanter Centrifuge

GN baby decanter centrifuge is available in VFD drive, Hydraulic drive, or mechanical fix speed drive. Depends on different applications and budget, client will choose different options.