Jan 04

As the main part of solids control system,Decanter centrifuge is one of GN’s most important protect
There is some point user should mention when installing and using:
1. The liquid discharge port should use soft tube when transfer, to avoid effect centrifuge’s balance when running
2. Hydrodynamic coupling will be installing in fixed speed centrifuge,for spped raise slow and working current not over limited,,this unit can prolong centrifuge’s service life
3. Limited system for centrifuge is important when equipment running,like electriclty limited,when the screw blocking by treated material,the momentary current will be very high,limited system will find it and cut power at first time to protect machine,GN’s centrifuge make overall protect design to keep solids control work running well and equipment life longer
4. Keep watching the state of equipment is very useful,the whole centrifuge will start shake when blocking,install detector to the control system will help user make first time decision to solve problem
5. Temperature of equipment was indicate when working,for example about bearing,the temperature will be very high when oil shortage,it will broken if do not have action,the motor’s temperature will be very high when screw sucking by material
6. Schedule regular time to get active, and stick with it,and do regular maintenance can keep quipment at best state and service longer,tosave money for buying new one,for example,the tiles of screw should be fixed after long time using,or the droped part will damage whole screw
7. Most point of using centrifuge is keep bowl running balance,or it will damage very fast,so,check and test balance is necessary after fix or maintencance

Keep checking the equipment is never wrong to make separate well and service longer
More detail,please contact GN solids control

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