Apr 20

The shield method is a fully mechanized construction method in the construction of undercutting methods. It is the advancement of the shield machine in the ground. It supports the surrounding rocks through the shield shell and the segments to prevent the tunnel from collapsing. At the same time, the soil excavation is carried out with a cutting device in front of the excavation face, transported out of the hole through the excavation machine, jacked up at the rear by jacks, and assembled with precast concrete segments to form a mechanized construction method for the tunnel structure.

In the process of shield tunneling, the discharge of sludge treatment standard is a mandatory task for the current urban construction, and it has become a powerful interpretation of the promise of the builders to practice the “beautiful city and beautiful China”. Slurry excavated by slurry shield is transported by the medium of mud, that is, the muck removed by the cutting tool is mixed with the mud conveyed into the excavation chamber of the cutter head and sent to the ground mud treatment by mud pump. In the factory, the separation of sludge and water is achieved in the treatment plant through the mud treatment equipment. The treated residue is absorbed as required, and the fresh water is returned to the mud pool and recycled to the excavation tank in front of the shield.

Although the accuracy of sedimentation control of the slurry shield is much higher than that of other underground construction methods, the shield construction is generally conducted through the sand and gravel and clay composite stratum, and the bentonite and environmentally friendly pulping agent are used to prepare the slurry. However, the traditional mud treatment technology is used. The required muddy water treatment sites and other conditions are difficult to meet the extremely high requirements of the municipal sewage discharge standards, resulting in slurry water shields that have not been widely used in cities. Based on years of solid-liquid separation field use cases, GN Solid Control learns that the international market is an advanced technology related to the separation of mud and water. It proposes and designs and manufactures drilling fluid vibrating screens, de-sanders, drilling fluid desilters, and mud centrifuges. The “four-level” treatment system ensures “zero pollution and compliance discharge” and realizes the construction of a small site factory by virtue of its rich solid-control equipment integration experience and advanced production technology. Therefore, the use of a slurry shield in the city must be both It can ensure that the slag soil removed by the shield can be discharged to the ground to achieve separation, and can also ensure that the clean water is separated from the excess slurry under the premise of “zero pollution and discharge standards”. Really “green construction.”

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