Video of Oil sludge treatment project in Qinghai Oilfield

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GN oil sludge treatment project has been successfully operated in Qinghai Oilfield. The liquid content of raw materials of customer project is 70% - 80%

Solid materials include quartz sand, fine sand, sludge and other materials. By heating to 60C, add chemicals to assist separation according to the situation. After the treatment by GN oily sludge treatment equipment, the oil-water residue is treated by gravity sedimentation and water treatment equipment. The final solid waste is sent by customer to the biodegradation and pyrolysis company for harmless treatment.

1) Sludge vacuum pumps GNSP-40B : 2 Sets (One Duty, One Standby)
2) One ZS706 Double Deck Vibrating Coarse screen
3) ZS594 High frequency Shale Shaker 1 set
4) Decanter centrifuge: GNLW453C-VFD 2 sets