GN Vacuum Cleaner for Industrial Waste

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The GN Mini Vacuum Cleaner is designed for industrial tough clean-up jobs. The mobile and lightweight suction tools make it efficient for the operation. The vacuum cleaner is air-operated to produce high vacuum for the suction and it can manual switch to positive pressure to discharge. Moreover, operators can set up the suction and discharge time to make it suction and discharge automatically.

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GN Mini Vacuum Cleaner can be used to transfer or remove fluids with high solids content. Also it can be used to removal powder material like sand and dust etc.

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In the oilfield, GN Mini Vacuum Cleaner are widely used to effectively clean fluids from drill floors, decks, pipe racks, mud rooms and drains, and tanks and other mud or liquid spill.Moreover the automatically operation features make it capable to operate as a transfer pump for various of materials from liquid to mixture of liquid and solids and powder solids.

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Features and Benefits

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