GN Hydro Vac Slurry Waste Treatment Solutions

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GN design and manufacture waste management system for hydrovac slurry treatment and directional drill slurry. The solution is to use liquid and solids separation equipment to treat soil or soup or slurry generated from the hydrovac or HDD project and produce reusable material for construction and discharge clean water.

Normally, the slurry is contaminant-free comes from physical utility location in public right of ways, and directional drilling for placement of underground pipes or utilities or other private property construction.

GN Hydro Vac Slurry Waste Treatment

The hydro-vac truck collects the aggregate base and soil materials via high pressure water and vacuum. GN Shale Shakers and Desander  desilters as well as the big bowl decanter centrifuge will separate “soils/solids” from the water, and clarify them into different size of particles. The recycled aggregates and soils or sands are available for reuse as construction materials. The recycled water can be reused for the HDD project or discharge. The shale shaker is equipped with different mesh size of shaker screens for separate different size of particles. The desander / desilter is for separation fine particles. The decanter centrifuge is to treat the slurry into clear water for reuse or discharge.

Advantage of GN Hydro Vac Slurry Waste Treatment Solutions