GN Drilling Waste Management System working in Cyprus for Offshore waste

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Video of GN Drilling Waste Management System for Offshore drilling Waste In Cyprus

GN Solids Control got the feedback from our service team,The GNCM-40 drilling waste management system designed for Cyprus client are in operation,it is to treat oil based drilling waste from the offshore drilling platform, and the client was more than happy to have the good performance.

GN Waste Management Equipment

The GNCM-40 drilling waste management system for the Cyprus client include following main equipment:

1) One Set GNCD930C-VFD Vertical Cuttings Dryer include one set flushing pump.

2) One set of GNLW363BG-VFD Decanter Centrifuge.

3) One set of centrifugal slurry pump for feeding the decanter centrifuge.

4) Screw conveyors for feeding the Vertical Dryer and discharge of the drilling cuttings from dryer.

5) Skid mounted mud tank for mounting cuttings dryer and centrifuge and all the pumps and control panels in one package.

drilling waste management system
The cyprus client is a waste management company, they receive the drilling waste with oil based or water based, and treat the waste in their factory. After treatment, they can sell the recovered oil for reuse in the drilling.

If you want to get the solution for water based drilling waste management, you can check GN WBM Drilling waste management system.