GN Animal Waste Treatment Decanter Centrifuge

Category : Drilling Waste Management
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GN-EV(Environmental Decanter) Series decanter centrifuges can be used on scrape or flush dairy and cattle feed lots, swine, poultry or other animal manure waste, lagoon sludge, or to dewater aerobic or anaerobic digester sludge. The decanter centrifuges can also be used on fish waste, algae, and other wetland applications. GN-EV decanter centrifuge can be used for manure separation and /or thickening prior to anaerobic digestion as well as for dewatering after anaerobic digestion. A wide range of manure slurry feed rates, feed solids concentrations and feed materials can be centrifuged. Minor coarse prescr eening or maceration is recommended for large and miscellaneous debris. No polymers or other additives required. Polymers can be used if solids removal levels in the high nineties are required.

GN Decanter Centrifuge for Animal waste treatment: