August 30 2019

GN is going to complete the fabrication of two sets big bowl decanter centrifuge for an American client for construction slurry dewatering treatment.

The model GNLW764 is the largest decanter centrifuge GN can make currently. Client chose this model according to their treating capacity requirement. In the long run, the large model equipment will save the operating cost so as to bring more economic benefit. 

GNLW764, the 30 inch bowl diameter decanter centrifuge has been proved with good performance onsite. Last year, GN has already shipped two 2 sets same model decanters to Australia in the plant for coal tailing dewatering.

Features of the Big Bowl Decanter Centrifuge GNLW764

1. GN adopts the duplex stainless steel to make the bowl of the decanter, and the centrifugal casting processing to make it a better balance performance and denser material distribution to avoid casting bubbles
2. Inside screw propeller is from duplex stainless steel 2205. For longer working life and less maintenance, GN uses tungsten carbide plate and sleeve to protect the screw blade and mud distribution port. 
3. To protect the motor, GN equips the decanter with VFD control panel to start the machine from low speed to high speed gradually. This prevents the over electric current to burn the motor. On the other hand, a VFD control panel will help the operator to run the machine at different speed according to slurry condition and process purpose.
4. GNLW764 is using oil pump to feed lubricants to both of the bearing seats. The plate type heat exchanging system can cool down the lubricating oil with high efficiency. 

The client has already ordered several slurry dewatering systems from GN for their hydraulic excavation slurry treatment. This 30 inch decanter will greatly increase the client's capability in treating the tough slurry. With the trust on GN, the client added order on the decanter supporting leg. Supporting leg is critical as the weight of the GNLW764 is almost 17 metric tons. 

For more information on GN large bowl decanter centrifuge, please feel free to contact.