GN supply mud system for XJ350 Workover Drilling Rig,and also can recommend reliable China workover rig manufacturer for clients full package solution.

XJ350 Workover RigSucker rod tongXJ350 workover rig is mainly used for shallow well workover, oil testing, fishing and pump check

xj350 Workover Drilling Rig

xj350 Workover Drilling Rig

operations. It is equipped with a lifting system and a rotary operating system. It can be used for workover, lateral drilling and water well drilling operation if equipped with a rotary table and relevant parts.

Features XJ350 Workover Rig

◆ 102.69 ft ( 31.3m ) double section mast, hydraulically raised and telescoped.
◆ 8×8 full drive chassis for XJ350 single-drum rig.
◆ 10×8 chassis for XJ350S double-drum rig.
◆ Simple operation platform hanged on the rear is available.
◆ A rod hanger is available

XJ350 Workover Rig
Main Technical Parameters

SN Item Parameters
1 Installed Power 360HP
2 Norminal Hook Load 600kN
3 Max.Static Hook Load 900kN
4 Transmission Hydraulic+Mechanical
5 Drive Mode 10×4
6 Workover Depth(2 7/8″EUE Tubing) 4000m
7 Heavy Repair Depth(2 7/8″DP) 3200m
8 Heavy Repair Depth(3 1/2″DP) 2500m
9 Mast Height 29m
10 Wirerope Diameter Ф26mm
11 Hydraulic System 14MPa
12 Pneumatic System 0.8MPa
13 Travelling System 4×3
14 Overall Size 17×3.05×4.49m (Including Mast)
14.6×3.05×3.1m(Without Mast)
15 Total Mass Approximately 42000 kg

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