As a drilling mud desander manufacturer, our desander and desilter machinery can be used in separating hydraulic mining slurry into different particle sizes.

Particle size separation machinery:

hydraulic slurry plant

hydraulic slurry plant

>0.7 mm solids – slurry shale shaker

>0.07mm solids – slurry 10’ desander

>25 microns solids – slurry 4’ desilter

>7 microns solids –slurry centrifuges

>5 microns solids- high speed decanter centrifuge.

Description of Hydraulic Mining Method: The Hillendale Mine hydraulic mining method consists of a series of water monitors which are used to direct a continuous high pressure (up to 40 bar at the Hillendale mine) water jet onto the face to undermine it, thus causing it to collapse. When sand from the face falls in blocks, the water is used to break up the material into a slurry which then gravitates into a satellite pump station situated at an elevation well below the lowest planned mining elevation.

Transport of the slurry from the mining area by means of a trench system is utilised. A satellite pump transfers the slurry into a plastic-lined, V-shaped surface trench down which it gravitates to a central sump area, located next to the PWP. This transport method has proved to be very successful at the Hillendale operation. A caisson structure protects the pumps in the sump area, from where the RoM is pumped into surge bins with a capacity of 1,000m3 to guarantee a constant supply and also to control the density of the feed to between 35% and 45% solids.

Learn more about how to get the right hydrocyclone separators –desander desilter for your mining application.


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