Drill waste management and solids control is important for drilling rigs. It is used to recovery drilling mud, reduce drilling cost and remove discharge.

Functions of drill mud solids control

Solids control, it is the process to treat the drilling mud/fluids from drilling rig, to remove the solids and recovery usable drilling mud for drilling activity.

GN1500 HP rig Solids Control for Greatwall drilling

GN1500 HP rig Solids Control for Greatwall drilling

Equipment for drill mud solids control

It is usually said 4-step solids control and 5-step process.

4-step solids control means the treatment of shale shaker (1#), desander (2#), desilter (3#), and decanter centrifuge (4#).

The above 4-step, together with vacuum degasser, combined of the complete 5-step process.

Vacuum degasser strictly said, it is not solids control equipment, it is used after shale shaker but before mud cleaner. It is used to remove gas from drilling mud , to avoid un-expected gas make damage to drilling mud.

Functions of drill waste management

Drill / Drilling waste management is usually used after solids control equipment. It is the process to treat drilling / drill cuttings from solids control equipment, like the solids discharge from shale shaker, mud cleaner. 

Hi-G Cutting Dryer Shaker (Argentina)

Hi-G Cutting Dryer Shaker (Argentina)

Main equipment for drill waste management

High G shale shaker, vertical cutting dryer, screw conveyor, centrifuge, dewatering unit… They mainly used for drilling waste management. Customer choose suitable equipment per jobsite situations. 

Who can offer solids control and drill waste management

GN Solids Control is China made but service in U.S.A company. GN can make complete line solidscontrol equipment, and drill waste management equipment, as well as different models of replacement shaker screen (for Derrick, Swaco, Brandt…)  



GN Solids Control