October 04 2009

GN Solids Control has applied for attending 10th CIPPE Petroleum Equipment Exhibition-One of the top 4 petroleum exhibition in the world
12 International pavilions / cippe,with 60,000 exhibit space,1,100 exhibitors / The professional visitors reach 30,000.

GN Solids Control has attended the 9th CIPPE Petroleum Equipment Exhibition and met many high quality purchasers.See our pictures at the trade fair:Back from 9th CIPPE oilfield equipments exhibition

Time and place of the 10th CIPPE Petroleum Equipment Exhibition
Petroleum equipment exhibition
The largest annual petroleum exhibition in Asia and one of the top-4 in the world, the 9th China International Petroleum & Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition (cippe2009), opens in Beijing at the New China International Exhibition Center on 19 March 2009. cippe2009 is the largest in its nine-year history, expanding about 30% in exhibition area from 2008 to 60,000 square meters.

More about CIPPE Petroleum Equipment Exhibition

Cippe is held every April in Beijing known as the premier exhibition in the petroleum and petrochemical industries in China and has 6 successful events in a row. Cippe has the most important industrial show in Asia with China's largest exhibit space, highest quality and most international exhibitors and also has been UFI approved high level event in China mainland.
  • HIGHLIGHTS of Exhibition
Cippe, with 21,700 square meters exhibiting area, 40% oversea exhibitors, 6 international pavilions, 531 famous exhibitors from 31 countries, has made wide influence in the world, and been regarded as the top 5 petroleum and petrochemical exhibition in the oil & gas field.

  • Exhibition VISITOR'S PROFILE
Oil & Gas Exploration and Production, Oil & Gas Processing , Oilfield Services Contractors, Petrochemical Plant , project Consultancy , Refinery , Transportation & Storage Services , Testing & Inspection Services, Chemical Processing , Drilling Contractor/Services/Equipment Supplies etc.,
Visitor Registration

Oil & gas exploration, exploit, and production equipment, Petroleum & petrochemical equipment and manufacturing, Technology and equipment for geophysical exploration, well logging and drilling ( for onshore and offshore ), Technology and equipment for scientific research and laboratory in petroleum & petrochemical industry etc.,

Dear GN Solids Control Customers,we will bring our drilling fluids processing equipment to the exhibition,welcome to contact us now for our petroleum solids control equipments catalog,learn more about GN Solids Control,then let's meet on the 2010 World Top Petroleum Equipment Exhibition.