June 28 2020

As a leading solids and liquid separation equipment manufacturer, GN Solids Control has provided thousands of decanter centrifuges to global customers include oil & gas industry, mining industry, food industry, chemical industry etc. 
In the end of last year, GN Solids Control provided 5 sets GNLW454-EP centrifuges to a power plant. They are using GN decanter centrifuges to separate solids from the sludge produced in the power plant. 

2020.06.25 Waste Water Centrifuge 1

GN Solids Control builds different sizes of decanter centrifuges, ranging from 9 inch bowl centrifuges to 30 inch bowl centrifuges. GN Solids Control made decanter centrifuges are OEM quality with OEM price, we only target to compete our decanter centrifuges with US or European made centrifuges. 

2020.06.25 Waste Water Decanter 3
In GN E models centrifuge product line, GN has EP, EY and EC version that suit for different usage. To achieve it, GN 3 different types of E centrifuges are built with different structure, although from the appearance it looks similar. 
GN EP series decanter centrifuge is mainly used to dewater with the beach angle of 11 degree. It’s mainly used to treat drilling mud, oil sludge, mineral water, environmental protection sewage, salt mud etc. 

2020.06.25 Waste Water Centrifuge 2
GN EY series centrifuge is good to separate, materials like fruit juice, mineral oil, milk, bio-diesel and starch etc. It’s beach angle is 15 degree. 
And GN EC series centrifuge is especially designed for clarifying as it’s beach angle is 20 degree. Materials from food industry such as protein, edible oil, cheese, Lactose, Fish oil etc. 

2020.06.25 Treatment 1
These 5 sets sets centrifuges GN Solids Control provided to customer are all GNLW454EP centrifuges. In order to have a better separating performance, GN Solids Control also recommends customers to add one chemical dosing unit. 

2020.09.25 Discharge Sludge
Centrifuge collecting box is fixed with automatic flushing lines to keep the rotating bowl clean. Vibration switch and bearing temperature sensors are also provided to protect the centrifuges running well.