August 27 2021

GN Solids Control manufactures different types of transfer pumps, include vacuum solids pump, submersible pump, centrifugal pump, screw pump etc. Each pump is suitable to use in different working conditions. 
As one new technology, GN Vacuum Pump was especially designed to move high solids content materials with big density or viscosity. This month, GN Solids Control provided 2 sets vacuum loading solids transfer pump to a European client. 

2021.08.24 Solids Transfer Pump


GN Vacuum Pump is an air driven pump, it can be used in any explosion environment. Material such as mining tailings, drilling wastes, industrial slurry, chemical powders, construction aggregates, oil sludge, kitchen wastes, dredging slurry etc. 
This European client has been working on mining industry for many years, they will use GN vacuum pump to transfer the mining tailings. Totally 2 sets GN vacuum pumps are purchased, one 20B for easy move and one 40B for fix usage. 

GN vacuum pump is able to move any flowable materials like mining tailings. Traditionally, most of the customers use belt conveyors while the effective transfer length is the belt length. To use a vacuum pump, it can move materials to max. 1000 meters far away from the pump. 

2021.08.24 Vacuum Loading Pump
Consider the working principle is air in to bring materials into the pump shell, and air out to discharge, GN vacuum pump is a non-continuously working pump, however multiple pumps can be used as a group to provide constant flow. One offshore drilling mud company uses 4 GN vacuum pumps, all located in a 40Ft container. In and our is controlled by the small manual switches on the control panel. 

2021.08.24 Vacuum Solids Pump
At the discharge port, air pressure is very large, GN Solids Control has two options: one is the rotating feeder and the other is triple skid station. 
After these 2 vacuum pump fully tested, they will be delivered to this European client. We are excited to have these two pumps to solve the problem.