March 18 2010

 Vacuum degasser,sand pumps and mud agitator are indispensable solids control equipments for mud tank system.

The Indonesia client is an oilfield drilling operation company,from new :Mud cleaner desilter cones to Indonesia, you'll see they ever bought desilter cones from us.As an old customer of us,this time,they made the order within 10 days for the  Vacuum degasser,sand pumps and mud agitator.With GN fast response,we delivered all the equipments within 10 days.

 Mud vacuum degasserMud tank sand pump

 The above Vacuum degasser is our ZCQ240 Model,which is installed after the mud shale shaker for removing gas in the drilling mud.The vacuum degasser can also act the function of agitating mud.

  The above sand pump is our SB6×5-13 model,which is used to feed mud to the desilter & desander.

 drilling mud agitator

The above mud agitator is our JBQ series,which uses explosion proof motors,and it has double impellers for good agitating performance.