December 08 2016

After two months of manufacture, GN Solids Control just complete two sets of Oil Sludge treatment system for middle east client.

The main equipment for the oil sludge treatment system include following:
1)    Specially designed Oil Sludge Treatment Shale Shaker for removing coarse solids.
2)    Two 22inch bowl decanter centrifuge GNLW553C-VFD for fine solids separation from oil sludge.
3)    Two oil sludge washing tank with mixer and heating system.
4)    Two 3 phase separation system for solids, oil and water separation.
5)    Two 40FT chemical dosing system
6)    Vacuum feeding pump and augers for feeding slurry to the oil sludge treatment system.

As and a professional waste management equipment manufacturer, oil sludge treatment is one of GN Solids Control main business division. We help the service company to design and manufacture good performance high quality equipment with cost effective solutions. This is the way for the waste management service company to make money.

Features & Benefits of GN Oil Sludge Treatment System
1)    Chemically and heat enhanced technology for mechanical separation.
2)    Suitable for different type of oil sludge.
3)    Less oil on the solids after treatment.
4)    4 Stage separation to get clients Clean recovered oil
5)    Customized design available for different capacity and different mixture of oil and water and slurry.
6)    Less footprint with module skids for easy installation and transportation.
7)    Safety, Reliability and cost effective solutions for Service Company to make more money.

You are welcome to contact GN Solids Control for more details of the Oil Sludge treatment solutions. With our branch in USA, Russia, and China and worldwide partners, we can give you local support around you.